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Metallized barrier film for packaging (EQ-PACK)

Metallized three-layer PET/AL/LDPE film with a thickness of 100-220 microns is used for packaging large-sized goods, machine tools, equipment, high-precision machines; food, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The material is made using the technology of vacuum deposition of aluminum on a polymer base, it has special barrier properties. The strength of such packaging is several times higher than that of analogues manufactured using a different technology.


Properties of Barrier-Pack packaging film

Aluminum film with a structure of a barrier packaging made of PET/ AL/LDPE:


  • non-toxic, environmentally friendly material;
  • when working, it does not require special precautions;
  • the multilayer metallized film retains properties in the temperature range from - 400C to +600C.


The operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to +60 °C, so it is resistant to cold and heat, in addition, it is resistant to atmospheric influences and X-rays.

Hermetically sealed

It prevents the penetration of oxygen, has low vapor and gas permeability.


It is elastic and compressively strong. It is flexible and chemically inert.


High-strength barrier film packaging is resistant to abrasion and punctures.

Three-layer metallized packaging guarantees a reliable level of protection, which allows you to store packaged equipment outside specially equipped premises.

The usage of barrier film significantly reduces the cost of preservation and transport packaging as it reduces the total amount of material, reduces labor costs and allows you to keep up with deadlines.

Due to the high tensile strength, shock loads, PET /AL/LDPE 220 microns is used for the preservation and storage of military, civilian equipment, production lines, gas turbines. It could be used as a protection against radiation.

All the necessary information (contacts, logo, etc.) could be easily applied onto the 3-layer barrier film made of PET / AL / LDPE. Non-standard and/or embossed items and products can be easily packed with the help of this film as it has weak stretching.