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When transporting industrial equipment, it is very important to ensure its safety and security throughout the entire route. This can be achieved with the help of high-quality and reliable industrial packaging. Its choice depends on many components: the dimensions, weight and design of the units.

We use several types of packaging: 

Wooden containers (board, timber, OSB, plywood), wooden crate; 

Shrink wrap (sits on the cargo, takes the form of cargo);

Barrier film (sealed, first soldered together on the load, like a cover, then the air is pumped out by an industrial vacuum cleaner, a "vacuum" is obtained) packaging of electrical, hydraulic elements.

The provision of this service implies:

  • calculation of the required amount of material;

  • departure to the warehouse where the cargo is stored;
  • execution of packaging works;
  • processing with lubricants (if necessary, and the customer's technical specifications);

  • preparation and packaging in wooden containers;

  • packaging in shrink wrap or barrier film (depending on the nature of the cargo);

  • production of fumigation of wooden containers according to international standards;
  • labeling of containers and production of "envelopes" for placing cargo documents on wooden packaging.

We guarantee high-quality work, and in case of damage to the packaging during transportation, we go to the place and eliminate the defects that have appeared.


Our company is ready to offer services for packaging yachts and boats of any size in shrink wrap for long-term storage, both indoors and outdoors.

With the help of shrink wrap, yachts and boats can be preserved for the winter.

Packaging of yachts and boats for seasonal transportation to the place of storage.

Advantages of Shrink film

  • The mechanical strength of the film allows to avoid damage during transportation and storage;

  • The film is safe for the housing of equipment, glass, because the film itself heats up, not the object of packaging;

  • During heat treatment, the film takes the form of an object, which allows you to create a tightness for storage and remove windage during transportation;

  • Durable, high tear resistance;
  • Wear-resistant is not afraid of friction, reliably protects the yacht;
  • Sealed, prevents the appearance of moisture and dirt;
  • Dense, prevents the penetration of gases, chemical mixtures;

  • Lightweight, does not add weight to the load.

When packing yachts and boats, a pitched structure is made, which in turn does not allow precipitation to accumulate on the packaging material, as well as special ventilation hatches are organized to avoid condensation and maintain air access.

The decision to pack your equipment in shrink packaging saves the owner from searching for a room to store it.

It is possible to install a zipper door to enter inside and visit the equipment, without damaging the tightness of the package.

Our experience in packing yachts for seasonal outdoor storage:

  • Yacht Azimuth 55, dimensions 16,9x4,95x4 m. Rostov-on-Don

  • Yacht Prestige 46, dimensions 14,5x4,4x4 m. Rostov-on-Don

Transportation over long distances is always associated with the risk of damage to the cargo. The use of reliable packaging made of durable materials allows you to minimize such risks.


We offer professional, high-quality and reliable cargo protection using advanced technologies and taking into account the specifics and dimensions. We use high-strength materials that allow us to preserve the purity and integrity of the cargo.

The provision of this service implies:


  • calculation of the required amount of material;
  • departure to the warehouse where the cargo is stored;
  • execution of packaging works.

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