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The project on warehouse handling of the following cargo to the address of ZapSibNeftekhim LLC, Tobolsk.

Acceptance of cargo in a warehouse in Lobnya, MO from different manufacturers. Formation of shipping locations, including packaging and further shipment to Tobolsk (Sibur plant).

The works were carried out in the period 2017-2018.

Completed work:

  • Development of a warehouse accounting program according to customer requirements based on 1C;
  • Development of documents taking into account the specific requirements of the Customer;
  • Acceptance of goods, placement in a warehouse;
  • Collection, formation by batches and groups of goods;
  • Packaging in vacuum barrier film (for equipment with electrical components);
  • Manufacture of wooden containers for laying goods and transportation with further storage on the open site of the object under construction;
  • Formation of a loading plan for the most efficient loading into vehicles;
  • Trucking along the route of Lobnya, MO - Tobolsk, Tyumen region;
  • Acceptance of cargo at the warehouse and delivery to the Customer.


A project to repackage a press line in Togliatti for shipment to South Korea to Hyundai Rotem.

One of the difficult tasks solved by our company was the complex of works on the transportation of the press line from Togliatti, Russia - Busan, South Korea.

Completed work:

  • Development of a PPR (work plan) in accordance with the necessary requirements;
  • Partial dismantling of the press line at the factory;
  • Dismantling of the old packaging and manufacturing of a new one (complete repackaging of 207 units; the dimensions of the cargo for packaging ranged from 0.5 m3 to 300 m3). Several types of packaging were used (shrink wrap, wooden boxes, wooden boxes + barrier film, tarpaulin, stretch film);

  • Loading of equipment on vehicles on the territory of the plant;
  • Transportation of all cargo to the territory of the port of Togliatti with further loading on vessels;
  • Development of fastening schemes and cargo placement on vessels;
  • Cargo securing on vessels;
  • Sea transportation of Togliatti, Russia - Constantia, Romania;
  • Unloading of equipment in Constantia, Romania, placement of a storage site, loading on an ocean vessel;
  • Sea freight P. Constantia, Romania - P. Busan, South Korea.


Shipping from South Korea to Slovakia to the address of the Magna plant.

In the period from May to August 2021, the transportation of goods (equipment), including oversized, was carried out. The cargo was transported from South Korea to the port of Constantia, Romania, and from there it was transported by road to its destination in Kechnets (Slovakia).

Completed work:

Acceptance of a vessel with cargo in Constantia, Romania (62 items, including oversized cargoes);

Terminal processing, cargo release and loading and unloading operations;

Preparation of a complete package of documents for transportation in customs transit;

Obtaining permits for the transportation of oversized cargo (133 and 138 tons);

Organization of transportation of all equipment on the route Constantia, Romania - Kechnec, Slovakia;

Organization of unloading at the Customer's factory.

The most difficult thing to perform was a transportation of cargoes that weighted 133 and 138 tons. Obtaining all the necessary permits took about 3 weeks, but all the goods were delivered on time.

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