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PROJECT LOGISTICS is one of the most complex processes in logistics — a set of delivery measures, including the development and synchronization of each stage of cargo transportation to the addressee. This type of logistics deals with integrated delivery planning, using all types of vehicles with the coordination of the schedule of each stage of movement in order to reduce the duration of transportation and its cost.

A cargo that exceeds 4 meters in height, 20 meters in length and 2.55 meters in width is considered oversized or oversized. Almost any equipment for agricultural and construction works, drilling rigs, river and aircraft, as well as equipment of narrow specialization (medical, industrial, etc.) falls under these parameters. Transportation in disassembled form is not provided for such cargo.


  • Railway transportation;
  • Sea and river transportation;
  • Air transportation;
  • Trucking.

When planning routes, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of each state. Our specialists have knowledge of the specifics of the organization of transportation in different countries, guided by their own experience.


  • CIS countries;
  • Middle East;
  • Europe;
  • North America;
  • India;
  • South Korea.

Stages of transportation of Bulky Cargo

  • Selection of transport corresponding to the dimensions of the transported cargo, as well as vehicles of the escort group;
  • Selection of the optimal method of fixing on the vehicle and organization of loading operations;
  • Route planning with the necessary construction and installation works (strengthening of highways, widening of the route);
  • Obtaining a permit and approving the transportation route;
  • Preparation of transportation in compliance with the nuances stipulated in the permit (valid for 3 months);
  • Transportation in compliance with traffic regulations;
  • Preparation of a package of accompanying documentation (for international transportation, including customs clearance in compliance with the formalities required by the recipient State), selection of a vessel and other launch activities;
  • Delivery of Bulky cargo to the place of loading and organization of measures for the correct installation of cargo on the vessel. Selection of the lashing method;
  • Transportation by water at the agreed time;
  • Organization of cargo unloading and its storage, if necessary;
  • At the request of the customer, unloading operations will be carried out at the nearest point on the route. SK-Trade engineers will prepare the necessary platform for this.

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