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Unlashing and reloading of cargo from the Prelude vessel to the Volga-Don vessel.

At the beginning of September 2022, a cargo was received from Singapore, the equipment was very well secured, welded and tightened with marine chains and shipping belts.

To secure the cargo on the deck and in the holds, lashings are used to keep it from shifting longitudinally and transversely, as well as from floating cargo when filled with water.

The lashings were attached to the deck of the vessel with the help of lanyards. The complex of works was carried out with such a sequence of unloading and loosening, so that the vessel would not break. First, the first and the third cargo were unloaded, then the second and the fourth. Then, the cargo was detached from the tether for lifting by a Liebherr LHM 800 mobile crane. During the lifting of the cargo, cleaning is performed under it to the level of the surface on which the cargo was standing. After that, this cargo was loaded onto the Volga-Don vessel. The same materials were used to secure the cargo. Subsequently, the vessel was sent to Togliatti.